3D Print Materials

3D CAD design is perfectly complemented by 3D printing, as it provides a fast and cost-effective alternative to the usual technology employed to build conceptual and functioning prototypes.

A lot of companies and designers use modelling and prototyping to test the functions and designs of new products. They can also be used to acquire user feedback during development, in order to amend or improve a particular design or product idea.

Currently the materials deployed in the production of 3D print prototypes include polymers, plasters and resins, and innovative new materials are expected to be available soon. Your prototyping requirements and the nature of your project will have a bearing on the sort of 3D print material you choose, e.g. the longevity required for your model’s life-cycle or the geometrical intricacy of your particular project, etc.

The material selected has a bearing on the process used to build your prototype – some processes produce full-colour materials and others can only print monochrome.

At 3D Creation Lab we’ll continue to bring in the latest technology and materials, and you can keep up-to-date with our latest news on our Blog.

The 3D print process

3D printing converts digital designs into actual items for use in components, prototypes, TV/film special effects, ornamental objects – even fully working production parts.

A variety of processes apply to 3D print, and they all have one fundamental principle in common –the transformation of 3D digital design into thin cross-sections, onto which material is placed in order to build a 3D object (known as AF or Additive Fabrication).

Turn-around time

This is dependent on a prototype’s size and what our workload is looking like at any given time, but it’s generally safe to allow 4-7 working days in terms of turn-around.

If the project requires more urgency, just flag this when we’re quoting, and we might be able to turn it around in just 24 hours.

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Why the Projet HD 3000plus?

The ProJet™ HD 3000plus is a next-generation 3D Printer that delivers unmatched part quality where the highest level of definition can be produced, and the support and be melted away so even the smallest parts are left intact when the support is removed.
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